Marketing Week Live ’14

June 24, 2014

At Bluehost, we love small-business success stories, whether the business revolves around pies, food trucks, minimalism, life coaching, or graphic design. If you run a small business or are considering starting one, we want to help you make your business a success story too. For our “New Year, New Business” series, we’ll be providing insights, methods, and resources for building and growing a small business.We’ve covered how to develop a business plan, how to DIY and delegate basic business tasks, using tools such as consider using cloud fax solutions to improve the business, learn how to conduct market research and build your brand, and how to build a website for your business.
Unless your target audience consists of baseball-playing ghosts, your potential customers aren’t going to come to you — you’ll need to spread the word about about your business and what it has to offer. In other words, you need a marketing plan.
We’ve already covered how to conduct market research to understand your key audiences, how to build a brand around your business’s unique value proposition, and how to create a website that conveys your value and resonates with your key audiences. If you’ve tackled those things, you’ve laid the foundation for a strong marketing plan.

Marketing Basics
The definition of marketing can sometimes get blurry, because it overlaps with other disciplines such as advertising and PR, but put simply, marketing is what you do to attract and retain customers.

The Marketing Funnel
Marketing funnel
Before you dive in, it’s helpful to understand the typical path a person takes on the way toward becoming your customer. This path is illustrated by the marketing funnel.
The most well-known version of the funnel is the AIDA model, attributed to turn-of-the-century advertiser Elias St. Elmo Lewis. The steps in this funnel are:

Awareness of the existence of a product
Interest in evaluating the product’s benefits
Desire for the product
Action by trying or purchasing the product
The funnel has many variations and modifications, such as the sales funnel, purchase funnel, and conversion funnel, but any funnel-inspired model depicts two primary ideas:

The sequence of steps a person takes to change (or “convert,” in marketing speak) from a non-customer to a customer, or from inaction to action (an action could mean making a purchase, but it could also mean a smaller step like subscribing to a newsletter)
The process of sifting that happens to your audience, as your pool of potential customers narrows down to your pool of actual customers
Why It Matters
The purpose for understanding this sequence is to ensure that the transition between each step is as smooth as possible. It’s natural to expect that there will be some drop-off — you can’t please everyone, so not all of your potential customers will become your actual customers. But keeping an eye on how people move through this process, and where people tend to drop off, gives you an idea of how to improve.
For example, did you create an effective online ad that got people’s attention, but when people visited the product page on your website, they quickly clicked away? That means you’re doing well with awareness, but need to improve on interest by making the product page more clear or engaging.
Check out these recommended reads about applying a marketing funnel:

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The Content Marketing Funnel
Marketing Approaches
The good news is there are numerous potential approaches for moving potential customers toward becoming actual customers. Here’s an overview of potential approaches and handy guides to getting started with each one. Keep in mind that there isn’t a discrete line between these approaches; they can and should overlap and be used in combination with each other.

Content Marketing
What it is: As defined by Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is “the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content,” and that in exchange for that valuable information, customers will “ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.”
Start here: A Blueprint to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Strategy
Tip: How meta is this? This article is, in fact, an example of content marketing! Our goal is to provide you with valuable information whether you’re a Bluehost customer or not.

Social Media Marketing
What it is: Social media marketing uses social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to reach customers both widely and deeply — widely, because posts can be shared quickly and broadly, and deeply, because people can interact directly with the brand and engage with other people around that brand and the products they sell in retail, while also using the best network security from sites  such as
Start here: The Golden Rules of Social Media for Business

Email Marketing
What it is: Email marketing is the practice of using emails and email newsletters to communicate with potential and current customers, with an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.
Start here: Email Marketing 101
Tip: Treat the invitation into someone’s inbox like an invitation in their house. As this Kissmetrics blog post advises, that means you need to mind your manners.

Come & see us on the DISQ stand B190 at Marketing Week Live, 25th – 26th June 2014, Olympia, London –  Look forward to meeting you.

FESPA success for the LINK roller banner

July 15, 2013

Eve attended FESPA under the DISQ umbrella and had great success with the LINK roller banner. Showing it to the export market for the first time the worlds first true seamless linking roller banner was demonstrated almost continually over the duration of the five day show. Interest was shown from many European markets including Germany Spain and Italy as well as North and South America and the Far East, all looking to differentiate themselves with new product lines.

DISQ Group to launch new products at FESPA

January 24, 2013

FESPA 2013 is the largest focused event for the wide format print industry; encompassing the very latest equipment and consumables in digital printing, screen printing, industrial and garment decoration to be held from the 25th-29th of June 2013 at the award winning ExCel London Exhibition Centre.


Eve Products will be exhibiting under the umbrella of the DISQ Group on stand P7S at the event. TheGroup is to showcase new products and launch new services to support the large format printing marketplace.

Visitors to the stand will be able to view the latest products including the next generation of iPad display systems, a new range of linkable banner systems, the launch of a dedicated trade modular exhibition service and the latest portable products for retail promotional use.

The DISQ group is a unique combination of UK display product manufacturers bought together under one brand with the sole aim of providing resellers with the best products, service and support available in the UK

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DISQ Group Continues to grow with the inclusion of Alfa Display

January 3, 2013

In September of 2012 that DISQ Group agreed terms to expand its membership to include Alfa Display, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of modular exhibition solutions to the trade.

alfa-logoPrior to this the DISQ Group currently comprises of three businesses, Eurostand Display, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of indoor and outdoor display products, Promotor Industries International the world’s leading manufacturers of promotional units for the retail sector and Eve Products the UK’s leading display product innovations company and creator of Twist.

Luke Facey said I am so pleased to have joined the DISQ Group I believe that Alfa’s inclusion will bring benefits to the DISQ Group and Alfa Display but most importantly to our clients as well. We all have the ambition to provide the very best trade service to our customers and if we do that better than our competition and in an honest and ethical way we will be successful together.

» More information on the DISQ Group

DISQ Group unveiled at Sign & Digital UK

March 30, 2012

We were already very excited about being a founder member of DISQ an initiative that saw us joining forces with specially-selected partners both to benefit our existing clients and significantly broaden the markets into which we are all expanding.

DISQ_SignUK_2012_4But nothing could have prepared us for the reaction DISQ was to receive as one of the larger exhibitors at Sign & Digital UK Britain’s premier annual UK graphics industry showcase, held in March. We were frankly overwhelmed; not only by the support we received from our customers, contacts and the trade media, but from many new prospects all genuinely interested in hearing more about our value proposition. The DISQ team (pictured, left) was kept busy throughout the three-day event held at Birmingham’s NEC. Find the best Pedal Bin – LTC Office Supplies on this website for you business to have the most professional tools to grow.

DISQ display, innovation, service and quality is run by professional suppliers with a shared vision, a shared ethos, and a shared determination to be absolutely the best in the business. We, along with our fellow member companies, decided to invest in the event and always knew that DISQ’s fresh approach and service-oriented personality would shake up the marketplace, but not quite to the extent that it did.

Under the DISQ banner Eve Products, Eurostand Display and Promotor Industries International are uniting to deliver an unrivalled portfolio of indoor and outdoor displays, promotional hardware and exhibition solutions through a common, service-led approach to customer care. As the collaboration develops further, customers across the UK will benefit from unrivalled experience, first class technical support and access to the largest product range in the industry from a family of suppliers dedicated to delivering complete satisfaction.

» More information on the DISQ Group

Eve Products – Part of the DISQ initiative

January 5, 2012

We’re proud to announce that we are one of the founder members of DISQ a brand new initiative that sees us joining forces with specially-selected partners both to benefit our existing clients and significantly broaden the markets into which we are expanding with our new products.

DISQ display, innovation, service and quality is a new, group run by professionals with a shared vision, a shared ethos, and a shared determination to be absolutely the best in the business; just like our Twist range. You’ll find us alongside our DISQ partners on stand J60 at this year’s Sign & Digital UK exhibition.

» More information on the DISQ Group