A new dawn arises for Eve Products

March 20, 2013

To coincide with our tenth anniversary as the manufacturer of Twist, we are pleased to unveil our new corporate branding, website and product ranges. Our aim is not only to emphasise our UK manufacturing credentials, but also for our trade network to have the sales and marketing tools necessary and relevant to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market place.

The new website includes our latest animations, specifications and technical details about the new Lumos and Curve products, as well as up to date information about the Twist banner range. A full list of our services has been added which consist of in-house 3D design, installation and a new FREE on-line application, where you can create your own stand layout. We hope to use the website to keep everyone aware of both product updates and new product developments, many of which we hope to release later this year. If you would like to request further information about our product ranges or to obtain our new 2013 price list please contact us.