Lumos Maxi Tower

The Lumos Maxi Light Tower uses our Magic Blue app converting your smart-phone into a fully functional remote control. With a simple touch, you can personalise the colour of a Lumos Maxi by using the 16 million colours available. Other features include, colour matching using your smart-phone camera. Syncing a Lumos Tower to work with your favourite music. Or for an even greater impact, synchronise up to four Lumos towers to work together.

The Lumos Maxi Tower stands at 2178mm tall. Its three part upright ensures everything can be packed down into a standard size graphic bag. Supplied as standard with both a mains power transformer and a rechargeable battery that provides wireless illumination for over 8 hours.

Lumos Maxi T Basic Dims

» Download the Lumos Dimensions PDF shown above

Width / Depth:

Base • 315mm Diameter

Top • 200mm Diameter



Product Weight:

5.6kg hardware only • 6.24kg including graphics