We have improved our products!

March 25, 2013

We are pleased to inform you of two new improvements to the Twist range that will take effect from the 25th March 2013.

Notched-BarsNew Notched bars

To improve both the appearance and strength of the magnetic linking at the top and bottom of Twist banners, we now supply notched finishing strips for Twist and Flexi-link graphic panels. Magnetic tape can now be applied accurately from the top to the bottom of all graphic panels creating a much-improved seamless join. To complement this latest innovation our new Easi-link is slightly longer and is now white to help differentiate from existing black magnetic bars. Anyone that wishes to use their older Easi-link kits with the new finishing strips will have no issues concerning compatibility.


LED-LightLED Lights

We now offer LED lighting with all Twist banners as standard. The new lights have improved benefits which include; longer life, more robust build quality, lower power consumption, less heat discharge, can be used in North America and produce improved graphic colour interpretation. Although there is a small price increase please note, that we still have stock of the original halogen lights if required.


All of the above are now standard stock items, however if you would like to purchase any old style lights or finishing strips we have approximately six months worth of stock so please make it known to us when ordering.